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Our plans are very flexible and if you are wondering if we have something specific to your business needs. Please contact us as we have customized our application for hundreds of businesses

Pick a Plan that Works for Your Business Model

Plans can be upgraded or downgraded at anytime based on the needs of your business. Use our Merchant Services for credit card processing and we will take 10% off your subscription for every $10k processed per month.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have multiple locations in one system?

Yes we have ability for unlimited locations and they can be grouped by region or Company which mean you can use the system for franchising.

Does the system include HR functionality?

Yes you can manage all aspects of your employees or staff. You can also manage their commissions and or payroll. If you prefer you can export the data out to ADP payroll

Can the system be white labeled and branded to my business or customized?

Yes please contact us in the form below to discuss your specific business needs for customization

Can shift scheduling and clock-in be allowed for multiple locations?

Yes the shift scheduling allows staff to be scheduled and work at multiple locations. It includes mobile employee app with reminders of their schedule.

Can I have matrix products or BOM Bill of Materials?

Yes the product configuration is very flexible allowing for multiple levels of BOM’s and or packages. Products can also have multiple attributes which can drive very complex business logic if needed

What types of businesses is this software good for?

This software is configurable to be used in:
Retail store, Spa, Solan, Restaurant, Coffee Shop, Route Services, Installation Company, Medical Office, Phone, Parking Lot, Dispensary, Virtual store

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